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Beautiful Canvas Prints

This section includes all images available for sale. This includes the “Featured” images from the home page as well. More will be added as time goes on. There are currently three “formats” of the prints; Landscape, Portrait and Square. Standard dimensions are provided from the drop-down menu. Use the Contacts page to request other dimension. I’ll do my best to accommodate you as they maintain the integrity of the aspect ratio provided in the original offering.

You’ll see that some of the Animal “head shots” (for the lack of a better term) are edited to remove the cage bars to make the image a bit less distracting. The editing is not perfect, but I think it is good enough. HOWEVER, look closely at those images and make sure that you can tolerate the alteration I made.

To order your print, just click on the image. That will take you to the “Product” page where you may order your print. You can choose the dimensions you want AND chose the number of images you want sent to you. That will take you to a screen where payment can be made with PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to use the facility and you’ll be; given secure payment opportunity right there on line.

If you want another dimension and/or have any questions at all, use the “Contact” page.

Thank you for your consideration of my photos at!

One Onlys

Limited Time, Limited Stock

These prints are 8×12 Photos matted to 11×14 to fit a conventional size frame in cellophane, sealed bag. At this time, these are the only copies available and there is one and only one of each image. There are each $30 unless otherwise marked. Postage to U.S. addresses is included.
View of matting for all images

Matting on all images included.