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Photography by Jeff Kreider

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These six images are the photos I’m featuring. Each is a setting that invites you to sit back and be absorbed by it. As time goes on, I’ll substitute one or more of the “featured” images with others from my collection. Those replaced will still be available. But, for now these images are like discovering the scene for the first time. Now, you can discover any of them on your wall!

Beautiful Scenic Settings Image Prints

These Images may be ordered as canvas prints or regular photograph prints and will be an excellent complement to your home or office. We are offering image prints in a variety of dimensions, each preserving the 2 x 3 format of the original shot. The images are provide without matting or frames in order that you may choose what bests fits with your décor. The canvas prints, though, are suitable for hanging as delivered, without framing. However, you may choose to add a frame, locally, that would best fit with your décor.

These lovely images will make a wonderful compliment to your home or office. Or purchase a number of similar photos to create a theme. The canvas prints are beautiful images that come wrapped around the framework so part of the photo will be on the sides of the final product. They are wooden frames which holds taunt the canvas print itself. Your canvas print will arrive with either a 1 ¼” or ¾” wooden structure, depending on the provider we use (which may change from time to time). Your choice of print(s) will be shipped directly to you from the lab producing your order to arrive in 2 to 3 weeks.

From time to time, I may offer Signed and Numbered Limited Editions. Such images will be offered as a limited edition and only the specified number of prints will be made available. Never before and never again, once the limit number is reached. The restriction will apply to any dimension ordered of that print. Your print will be printed with my signature and the number of the edition (such as 98/250 indicating the 98th print of a limit of 250). By subsequent mailing, you will receive a certificate of authenticity.

This is a Side-by-Side view of both types of canvas prints:

Large frame hanger:

Back corner wrap of the smaller frame:

Small frame hanger:

Back corner wrap of larger frame:

Please contact Scenic Settings if you have any questions.

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